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    How about a multi-platform distributed lock manager using multicasting. I know it's only a weekend project, but it's something at least.
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    Actually, as someone with over 1000 bookmarks, I would find it *very* useful to be able to enter notes and description for each bookmark. Some functionality for instancing or linking bookmarks at bookmark-time would also be useful. For example I use many categories for my bookmarks, and sometimes a given site will fit into several categories. Do I bookmark it 5 times, once in each category, just to make sure I don't miss it? Usually I just put it in the one that makes the most sense to me at that time, but I've had plenty of cases later on where I'm thinking a bit differently, or looking for the site for a different aspect than I originacally categorized it for, and lo and behold I have a tough time finding it. Advanced search tools in bookmarks would also be useful. Even going so far as to be able to cache the 1st (or a user selected) page of a site and search on *that*. I do also find that the number of my bookmarks slows things down a bit, though I'm on a somewhat older machine. So yes I would find a 3rd party bookmark organizer a very useful thing. Ideally it would be implemented as a browser toolbar and/or plugin for mozilla/firefox and IE, and others eventually. A stand-alone program would be acceptable but not as nice.

    Buuut, that's not the real reason I'm here! I imagine it's too late by now, the break between semesters is no doubt over, but I do have a couple of program ideas I'd love to see make some progress. Among them are a particular kind of digital camera review/comparison application (of special interest to me as I am currently shopping for one - and yes I'm already aware of the comparometer, etc. at, a system for bundling a media player and movie file together in a single executable, and a pluggable stand-alone benchmarking tool for graphics applications. If any of these general descriptions sound at all interesting, please contact me for details.

    I have a great deal of thought put into some of my ideas, several of them written up in "design documents" which would hopefully make it easier for you to understand and implement. And of course this is not limited to B0bDole, either. I would love to hear from any interested programmers. In particular I think the bundled media player idea could be very useful, and you'd have a head start being able to base some things off of open source code in Video LAN Client, Media Player Classic, and the Xvid codec.

    - Oshyan

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