Company Title
Sledge Hammer Productions

Ocala, Florida

Project title
OBLIVION Chronicles of a Deliveryman

Job description
This studio is seeking willing persons to take part in development of 3d models or Programming for a highly creative team. The concepts are highly detailed and are of a futuristic genre.

What’s expected?
There will be no pressure to complete assignments, but you are required to get them done in an orderly fashion. We work as a team. Taking extensive time in your work can slow down production if others are waiting for your material.

At this time we do have a small budget, but before you can begin to be paid you must demonstrate loyalty to the project as well as eagerness to see it to its end.
There will also be financial benefits to finishing the project.

How to join the team?
To join our team you must submit a sample of your work to

Ending statement
We hope that anyone interested can act responsively and maintain a mature attitude by talking and negotiating ideas. We appreciate talent for what it is and expect each person to give credit where it is due. Also you must understand that game designing is in no way a quick project. This project could and will likely take 2 years to complete. All assistance is appreciated and you are not required to stay with the full project. The main project can be broken down into smaller projects, even single. Others that wish to be additions to the team (different skills such as Sound development, Programming, ect) can contact me at the below email address.

Thank you for your time.
Troy Gann- Lead Designer
Home page
Sample of a character from Oblivion below.