Thread: Experienced C++ programmer look here please

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    Post Experienced C++ programmer look here please

    Hello , i am new to this community , i am almost done with the cpp tutorial over at , but thats besides the point.

    this post is rather short and all , please dont flame i am not giving out more information, i need a good programmer in webbased games, if you arent one , dont post .if you are please contact me @ , it's quite a while to explain in a post, so i rather do it over msn. thanks

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    Welcome to the board. In the future please use the Projects and Recruitment for these kinds of posts.

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    you're much more likely to get people if you explain what you want from them first... and you can either write it once here or several times in an email/IM...
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    thantos, where is the, you-know-what, that, silenced the thing to do that other thing to RoD?? we need to use it on this guy

    some entropy with that sink?

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    srry for the mistake, didnt see it :\

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