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    apalia productions seeking programmers


    My name is James Booth and im from Apalia Productions. We are a game development company currently working for a publisher in creating a new generation online game called Legends of Apalia. It will include features outdating any game in existance, as the game play and stories are so complex it will be considered a living game. It will be run on serveral databases allowing for extra land/models/features to be added to the game until its completed in its first commercial form. And due to the fact that this is an online persistant world, many game updates will follow that release.

    We are aiming to do this in seven months. We have four teams running in Apalia Productions now and Development has been underway for two months so it's still at early stages, but we have Concept Art, Model Sheets and Documentation ready for you if you choose to work with us, as well as some pre-demos that will help out alot.

    We are currently looking for GOOD C-scripters to help with our game. This will be a big role to make our game come to life and to become true game quality. We recommend at least 2 years of C-Script experience but if your good enough maybe we will allow you in the team. This is currently our main need for this team so progress can go much faster and the game will come out looking much better. It will include scripting combat, AI, player movements, quests, etc.

    We are also looking for talented C++ Programmers to offer their skills on the networking. We will be using an n-tier architecture, with mysql databases, linux servers and the middleware raknet. The system will be created to allow more servers and game features to be added over time.

    Unforntunately at this stage we cannot offer you a wage, but it may be safer to know that we are all working day and night trying to get us the funding needed, and it will come, as alot of people are gaining quite an interest in Legends of Apalia. You will gain money from royalties, and I can get the neccesarry forms created to assure you that this will be so.

    What I can offer you is a team expierence, a chance to build up your portfolio and get in contact with game developers from all around the world. Apalia Productions is continually growing and the game is starting to look quite nice, so please get back to me as soon as you can, I assure you it will be a fun time.


    James Booth
    CEO, Apalia Productions

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    can do c++ grunt work if needed. just let me know

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    thanks that would be great.
    please email me with some words about your skills.


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