Thread: Check out DEVIL Screensaver System!

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    Exclamation Check out DEVIL Screensaver System!


    With it you can...
    * easily write a screensaver without implementing any screensaver stuff
    * easily convert an existing application (e.g. OpenGL demo) into a fully-featured screensaver (which i did with "Marching Cubes" by glUser3f).

    DEVIL Screensaver System features:
    * Clean interface (winamp-plugin-like)
    * Preview mode support
    * Password handling
    * Full framework/SDK source code (under LGPL)

    Package contains:
    * DEVIL Screensaver System source
    * Marching Cubes Screensaver source/binary

    Download it here:

    * wrote a saver using it?
    * are missing a feature?
    * want to contribute?
    * found a bug?

    Let me know: Write to <>
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    bugfix update

    as it seems i cannot edit my post so i got to append here...

    download the updated version 1.01/1.3 here:

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    latest devil version: 1.03

    Marching Cubes Screensaver 1.32

    Rain Saver 1.12

    could somebody move this to projects please...

    ps: also i can neither edit old posts nor post images -
    am i doing something wrong or is this a global fourm setting?

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