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    Hello, how does this work


    My name is David. My programming experience spams probably over the last 8 or more years. The language in which my experience is most is C/C++ followed closely by Python, Perl, Javascript, PHP and others.

    My age is 25. This is my second time using this board, my previous account with username 'asla' could not be recovered meaning moving on to this one, just in case.

    My question is, how/where to get coding gigs? My experience should be good enough to get me a gigs to at least support myself but but where/how is this done? Is it possible that someone on the board could have a gig with them?

    How are you all? Where/how do you get gigs?


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    What about going for permanent jobs instead of "gigs"? The way I see it, if you're looking around job websites and such for permanent jobs, you might find roles with temporary contracts (which is what I suppose you mean by "gigs"), so you might as well go for the permanent jobs through these job portals and take on temporary contracts if you find yourself unable to land the permanent jobs.

    Besides online job search, the typical way (and arguably better way) is to build up connections through industry networking, e.g., going for tech events and target industry events to meet people who might be able to connect you to roles that they become aware of. Unfortunately, sometimes these events have a hefty registration fee, so you'll need to choose carefully (or volunteer as a speaker, if you can find a relevant topic that you have enough expertise in), and in this time where events are often conducted online due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the effectiveness of such events as a means of building your professional network is limited.
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