there is this irc eggdrop megahal script that replies random stuff when someone says its nick and i would like it to reply to whenever "nick1" says something, like not only keywords or the botnick but to anything "nick1" says

i know its extensive code but i dont know if anyone willing to have a look could give me a clue on where to look/how to do this

the code is at
megahal.mod/megahal.c at master * z0rc/megahal.mod * GitHub

i tried looking around line 691 where it replies "user_nick: tell me something already" if someone says the botnick with no more words folkowing, trying to understand how it grabs the user_nick, but i just dont know

anyway just asking if someone could give me clue on how to make a certain nick, lets say "nick1" coded as a trigger word in the megahal.c

thanks for any help