Thread: Seeking Hobbyist Partner for creative Fantasy Adventure program

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    Seeking Hobbyist Partner for creative Fantasy Adventure program

    If you're looking for a team, It's just me here. If you're looking for money, don't have any of that yet. If you're wondering who I am, I'm a guy who really likes RPG games so he's overseeing a monolithic project because he's insane! lol -- I am more of an artist than a programming guru, but i'm learning how to program despite that. If you're just an infinitely curious person in general then feel free to ask any questions you have.

    I can tell you what i'm looking for... is a few good men. Or just 1. hehe. Looking for someone who might be intrigued by my efforts and what i'm trying to accomplish. (Which is nothing special, it's all been done before)

    One thing I will clarify though is that I am not looking for someone to try and change the direction of my ship. I've plotted the course, so either hop on board or hang out at the port. I have plenty of ideas. I just need INFORMATION and someone to learn with. (hey, some people work better in groups)

    Hell, really i'd love to meet someone as ambitious as I am-- why don't people bombard me with questions about how to do something for a change?

    I'll give you some information precisely on what i'm currently doing
    Right now i'm creating a fantasy world. It's been done before. Warhammer, Everquest, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls (not to mention the millions of other worlds out there) I'm just mentioning the Hollywood ones, hehe

    I'm creating a Wiki that stores all the details and information about this fantasy world

    I'm working in Unity to use it as a map and tile editor and will eventually transplant code to make it a functioning live world

    I'm building the database, script trees, classes, functions, etc just in plain ol' windows console. Cin, cout, like mr miyagi.
    wax on, wax off.

    What makes my world and application so special? Well hell, I've only been playing in fantasy worlds since I was 5! I think I know now what works and what doesn't. Who knows? It could be the new and improved imaginary experience!

    I'm not looking for anyone to dictate me in the creative department. I'm past that. I've already got it all figured out (most of it haha). I'm looking for someone who can help me (or guide me) to build the software infrastructure to host this virtual world.

    I'm learning how to program and I will do all the work. Unless you want to help contribute!

    This is a hobby project and not intended for any commercial use. There will be no exchange of tender or goods.

    *If you are not fluent in the english language, please do not contact me. There is so much communication to be done that poor english will severely delay progress.

    Add me on skype if that's easier for you. (

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    So in a nutshell, you have an idea and you need people to help you implement it.

    I'm learning how to program and I will do all the work.
    Bold statement. Let's see if you'll back it up. I wish you the best of luck!( And a lot of patience )
    Devoted my life to programming...

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