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    Code Marketplace

    Dear all,

    we are creating a community where programmers of any kind (professional, hobbyists, students...) can share for free or sell their codes for any programming language.
    The project is at the beginning and we are looking for people with skills to write codes. The subscription and the upload of the codes are completely free, just a commission of 10% is applied for any sale, but for the launch of the project we are going not to apply any commission for the codes uploaded in the first 3 months.
    Anybody is interested can contact me for more information or subscribe as a vendor at


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    The site seems, at least to me, professional and well thought-of. All you need now are large enough buyer and programmer bases.

    I have my doubts though as to whether this will succeed. After all, only someone who could neither buy nor take the piece of code or software they need from open-source projects would want to use your website. And even then, online recruitment websites would take precedence over yours. I'm just saying...
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    Hi GReaper,

    and thanks for your subscription to Basycode!
    The reason why I created this website and I think it could work, comes from the experience I had with my business: we are a medium size company without internal programmers and we often need customized software, but if you turn to professional software companies, costs are crazy. At the same time, because we are looking for specific parts of code, you can't find customized software on open-source projects.
    So I would like Basycode does not become just a basket of codes to download like the already existing ones, but an active community where mainly not professional programmers (students, hobbyists, part time...) can earn some money selling to customers who contact them directly or in the forum to have their customized software.
    This is a way to get some extra money for non professional programmers and to save a lot of money for companies that can buy at much cheaper prices.
    I am happy to a your feedback, thanks.

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