Our studio is looking for a Senior Tools and Automation Programmer. In this role, your primary responsibility will be developing the tools necessary to support the testing of highly systemic features within the Unreal Engine 4. You will also be responsible for the management and development of our automated build infrastructure.

· Design and implement QA specific automation tools for the purposes of unit and integration testing a highly systemic product. These tools should generate concise reports to track the health and direct the improvement of various systems over time. These tools also need to be built with outputs that are easily consumable buy non-technical dev team members across multiple disciplines.
· Design and implement tools and technology to support build and engine pipelines (such as live-editing, iteration workflow, and asset compilation and processing).
· Work on run time engine tasks as needed to support specific project requirements.
· Identify requirements and build infrastructure to support the administration of scalable game services.
· Manage automation of provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and alerting for live titles.

What We’re Looking For:
· 5+ years’ experience in the game industry with at least 3 shipped AAA titles on PC.
· Strong grasp of principles and tools for operational monitoring and alerting, particularly metrics collection and analysis/visualization.
· Experience deploying dashboards and tools to support team awareness of system health.
· Experience with C/C++ and C# skills.
· Previous experience with conceiving and implementing pipeline tools.
· Experience with Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins.
· Expert level experience with build systems and script languages
· Experience with Unreal 4.
· Experience with Perforce.
· Experience with the 3dsmax SDK and MaxScript.
Strong teamwork and communication skills.
· Ability to work within a schedule and deliver effectively to deadlines.

· Must be eligible to work in the US and willing to relocate to Boston.