Thread: Interesting project for anyone interested!!! Will pay real money

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    Interesting project for anyone interested!!! Will pay real money

    So guys, I am looking for a programmer to complete what I assume should be a fairly simple task. I have been learning for a few weeks but I think this is beyond me, and me and some friends would like to implement it in the real world very very soon.

    Message me for more details!

    Ps. I apologise if this is the wrong place for such a request, but programmers are ironically hard to find on the internet.

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    > Message me for more details!
    Then you should enable email and messaging in your profile.
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    Sorry, new to this place, just send an email to

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    I always find requests introduced by "I believe this task is simple, but it is beyond me" cute. I estimate 90% of the time the task is not simple, because it is poorly described by some group of people who assume the details of the work is "beneath them" and that a geeky developer down below will understand what is needed.

    If you're within the (estimated) 10%, I wish you luck in your quest. Otherwise, look forward to frustration.
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