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    New to the forums just wanted to introduce myself. I am from Virginia, and am teaching myself to program in C. I am the admin of a C language scrolling text game. Hence, the need to make sure whatever I change does not bring memory leaks, infinite loops, etc. I have manipulated C for years with it, trying to master manipulating the game, instead of mastering C. Thus, I have become a terrible hacker and mess maker of code. I am trying to clean up my code to follow a style guideline, and I am using valgrind to squash any bugs that I find.

    If anyone is interested in viewing my project or helping out with it. It is called 4liberty, it is a medieval/fantasy game and I use it to promote freedom, the 2nd amendment and sound money. The website is 4liberty

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    I should mention you can actually play the game, and it is quite fun already.

    Click the below link to play the game....
    Client | MudGamers

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