Hello, I am looking for C#/ C++ strong developers interested in writing tests of multi-choice questions. We will fix an hourly rate and I will be able to pay using PayPal.

Each question should be made of:

a) The Question itself
b) 1 Correct Answer
c) A little Explanation of why this is the correct answer (unless really unnecessary because the answers are self-explanatory).
d) 3 Incorrect Answers.

The quality of a multi-choice question can measured by the following parameters:

1. It should be clearly posed and well written in English.
2. It should have an answer which is surely and completely correct.
3. It would also be ideal to have at least one of the wrong answers to appear almost correct without being correct at all.
4. It should not be excessively complicated. Remember that a multi-choice question is part of a text and ideally each of them should be answerable in few minutes (max 5) by somebody who knows the subject. On the other hand it should also not be too trivial dull and therefore not interesting.
5. It should not infringe any third-party copyright. This is possibly the most important constraint on this list and you will need to sign an agreement that protects me against this scenario.
6. Highly appreciated: Original questions, questions containing code snippets/images, teasing questions which are not just testing the syntax but the reasoning, deep knowledge of the subject, real experience (without necessarily slipping into super rare/unlikely cases) in the subject and the analytical skills, tricky questions where some of the wrong answers seems (but they are not) right.
7. The best questions are those that are educative at the same time in the sense that, should the test taker fail a question for example, reviewing it at a later stage he can learn something new and usefult to him reading the explaination attached to the correct answer.

Judging from the quality of the questions I will give more work to those writing the best questions based on:

a. The correctness (correct English, compliable code, correct equations, etc...) of the questions.
b. The quality criteria listed above
c. Their hourly fee charge to write the questions
d. The average time spent to wrote each question

People should write questions only into subjects where they are very knowledgeable.

This can be a part-time job even just few hours a week.

Please get in touch at this email MegaManuMail-0@yahoo.com.