Thread: Programming a series of patches onto a frame

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    Programming a series of patches onto a frame

    Hi I'm posting this question because I figured this would be the best site to offer this deal to considering the wide range of skills that are on here. Anyway my friend is currently in a C programming class and has an assignment that he cannot figure out. So I'm offering the first person to contact me and provide me with the assignment $150 or more depending on how thorough it is. I know this post is against the usual but I figured someone could use money.

    Here is the assignment description:

    Here is the input files for the assignment can be downloaded here:

    Email me at


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    How much are you offering for next week's assignment - $300 perhaps?

    Also, I note from the PDF that the assignment was due yesterday.
    CS3335 Assignment 10 Name (print)
    Due: 11/27/12 Student Number
    (45 points)


    Write a C program that overlays a series of patches onto a frame.

    A patch is a rectangular grid of characters containing m (maximum 24) rows of n (maximum 79) characters each. The program reads in several patches and places copies of these patches onto a frame at specified positions. A frame is just another rectangular grid of characters (maximum 24 by 79), initially filled with spaces.
    Is your "friend" also at the University of Utah?
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    So you'll be determining the compensation for the work after you receive it?

    I see you've selected an appropriate user name, as well.

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