Hello all,
We are working on''Project Outbound'' an mmo for the unity 3d engine.

In the late 1920s, an alternate Earth has discovered a passage to a new world, called “Outbound”. The entirety of the game takes place on the strange and dangerous world of Outbound.
The idea comes a bit from the Bermuda triangle. Ships sunk and never found back. We thought of something similar. In our earth, ships and submarines sink (pulled down) and never found back. The reason is that there lies a portal very deep on the bottom of the sea. Kind of a wormhole that pulls everything inside him. This portal leads to a lake on another planet that looks like earth. Because this takes place in the 1920's, the style on the new world calles ''Outbound'' is the same. Only this world has alot more rainforest. This will create a cool style of 1920 styled building in a forest.

What do I control?
Players control one character in a ''over the shoulder'' view, who typically starts out as a colonist or recruit in the new world.

Why create this game?
Because we can. Because by taking better advantage of interactivity, we won’t just tell awesome stories, but allow the players to be key agents in telling their own stories.

What is the main focus?
Exploring a massive new frontier, gathering resources, crafting, and carving out a name for yourself among the competing

Exploration - as a new, untamed world, Players are primarily trying to discover the potentials of Outbound.
Story - Outbound is a world in turmoil. Players will find themselves pushing different story arcs through their actions, which will affect everybody.
Crafting and building

Target aim:
The game will be free to play with some micro transactions for membership or additional content.

We are a hobby project and we are working on this project with passion. Because we don’t got a budget, we cant offer you a monthly payment. Of course when the game is going to make money, the members will get there share for the work they have done.

At the moment we are working at the ingame world. We are creating a jungle and making a city as the starting area. Also we are making ingame character.

- Network Programmer
- Gameplay programmer

We would like to recruit a programmer who can help us with the basic gameplay elements. Creating a gui, inventory, quests etc.

Also have a look at our Game Design Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...4D-Qxpm7U/edit

Contact details:
Mail us at projectoutbound@gmail.com

Here are some pictures of our work: