Thread: Fellow MUD fanatics! :) positions for 50 mb mud server!

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    Red face Fellow MUD fanatics! :) positions for 50 mb mud server!

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post. altho, its a short message

    I need coders for a 50 mb mud (text mmorpg) which was developed from 1990 to 2002.

    Avg players used to top 100 on a daily basis.

    Hope any of you oldschoolers remember... and love.. the mud.

    It has pvp, hardcore loot, etc. so Ultima Online developers hired this muds leading imms in 1996 to write the pvp code. true story.

    higly advanced alghorytms and other intricacies are the basis of this mud, no buttpirate timers. also Id like to point out it holds a legacy, and when we love our project so much it is to revive the legend.

    Hope I make sense, I am european, and in love with muds. We always welcome people who know what it means

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    (1) I personally have fond memories of MUD - as a kid, I got my own phone line just so I could script while I was at school. I'd call the line on a pay-phone during lunch to see if I'd hung. Oh the memories.

    (2) You probably should have posted on the Job Recruitment forum, or at least the Game Programming forum.

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