Thread: epb: Ethernet package generator - 64 bit testing.

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    epb: Ethernet package generator - 64 bit testing.

    Hi dee Ho peeps!

    I wrote a tool for sending custom ethernet packages for Linux. I needed this for some very specific iptables tests, VLAN tests as well as for arp generation. When I wrote this I knew the target architecture to be 32 bit little endian processor, and copiler to be certain gcc version.

    However I realized that this might be a handy and simple tool for someone else to use too. Thus I made it publicly available. However now that the target audience might be broader, it would be nice this worked on other environments too. Unfortunately I do not have access to 64 bit linux, so...

    ...Is there anyone who would like to help me with this, and:

    1. DL the source
    2. remove -m32 flag from Makefile
    3. compile
    4. try generating some packages (for example the example packages provided)
    5. capture these packages with wireshark/tcpdump and let me know the results.

    results can be reported for example to my mail (Mazziesaccount, gmail) or my blog.

    Oh, and epb (ethernet package bombardier) can be obtained from Programmer's diary: epb - Ethernet Package Bombardier


    (Oh, and if this is not appropriate forum for this request, feel free to move it. I just thought this might be a good place to look for people with 64 bit C compiler :])

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