Thread: Tablet IDE concept.

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    Tablet IDE concept.

    Hello I was wondering if I could get some peoples opinion on a open source concept I just opened over at source forge?

    Here is the link:

    Name: Mind Control
    Platform Target: Mobile OS and Tablet Platforms
    Type: Interface Development Environment ( IDE )
    Language: C ( so far )
    Database: Undecided
    Connection: Over the Air
    This is a 'Tablet & Mobile OS' IDE concept that allows for quicker processing by using application servers for the heavy work and allowing total development integration.

    Mobile technology application have a need to reduce processing directives and file sizes. With these concepts at the core of of Mind Controls fundamentals; total development integration concepts like version controls, compiling, resource handling, library integration, debug system, JIT support and more can be achieved.

    Why a mobile IDE? This program is intending for developers who move. Need to make changes to existing code bases on the fly but have no computer access? Have an idea but you’re at the beach? Want to practice coding in your down time at the airport? It may not replace your desktop; it sure will try to.

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    I personally would avoid coding on mobile devices at all costs. Touchscreen keyboards are really for texting, not coding. If there's any remote chance of having to code on the move, I'll bring a laptop. Unless you are talking about tablets that have keyboards... but in that case, might as well just bring a laptop.

    Also, wrong forum.

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