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    Need a C++ coder or delph coder
    to build me a Launcher/updater for a game.

    Willing to pay but on a small budget so please contact me here or reply to this post if you
    are willing to help build one.

    Well from what i know of the current launcher is that it will some how load all the game data and then inject into the .bin. Most of it would be .dat files encrypted into edf format and some text files. Also loads other files such as game models and textures.

    But what i would need is for it to connect to the server and allow people to login. Not a programer my self so i no very little about how it connects to the server.

    Auto updater built in with the ability to control what goes in server side and customizable client interface. Current launcher can be used to change ingame sound settings and graphic options and that gets saved to txt files and i assume get read by the rf_online.bin once it loads up with all the .dat/.edf data.

    Just to make it clear we are already up and running with a growing community but are looking for an alternative launcher/updater that works and has no issues running on all windows based operating systems.

    We currently use the retail launcher that requires appserv to make a connection to the server but also doesn't have a working updater. We use a 3rd party updater built by a coder for all games but we would like an all in one launcher to keep people updated.

    Some don't understand the need to update and don't notice when a patch or fix has been released via the auto update unless we enable version checking for the game. This checks server side .ini file against the client side.bin and if the version check key doesn't match then they are unable to get any further.

    Could this thread get moved to the projects and job recruitment section if the games section isn't the best place for it.
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    Could this be closed please

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