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    Unhappy Help please offering 100 GBPs

    HI , my name is will and i have recently opend a private server game for last chaos, i have server i have all running but i have one problem ! to run the game i need to open 5 windows ... Connector.exe, Helper.exe, Messanger.exe, Gameserver.exe and Loginserver.exe
    everything goes to plan until the 48th person tries to log into the game,when this happens my Connector.exe crashes ! and i need some 1 to try and increase that limit because it seems like a limit if some 1 can increase it to atleast 100 or 150 that wuld b awesome ! its the only thing stoping me from growing my server i hope some 1 can help ! either pm me here or please add me on skype

    Skype: xxsoulcasterxx
    Thanks in advance !!

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