Thread: Project Help! Programmers Needed!!!

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    Project Help! Programmers Needed!!!

    I've got a project I am trying to work on with my friends, however, none of us know how to do any of the programming. One of my friends knows how to draw and is learning to do 3D modeling in school. We're looking for someone that can take the 3D characters and integrate them for the game. We are also looking for someone that can create a virtual environment. Yes I know that's a big step and quite difficult, but it's all part of the project. Please if any of you know how to do this, please let me know. I can really use the help.

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    There is no need to double post, if someone can, and wants to answer you, he will.
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    If you're still here, drop some more details and I'll think about it. Lately I'm constantly sitting on my backside so I'm searching for something to do.
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