Thread: Need good C programmer to make script

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    Need good C programmer to make script


    i think this is a right place to search programmers, if i am wrong moderator move this tread to right place, please. Thanks.

    I need a C programmer to make script, its simple but speed is very important for it. I have php script but i need faster solution. Maybe using multi-treading or etc.
    This script must work on linux platform running it from root.

    PM or EMAIL (justas - et - powered - dot - lt) or SKYPE (justas.pukys) who can do this job very good, i mean good programmers, not newbies.
    We will decide about price when i show you php script or explain how must it work.

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    A few suggestions for you, Anayd:

    1) If it works correctly and fast, what do you care who programmed it?

    2) You're in the C programming forum - we give Superman a run for his money, thank you!

    If you have a resource like this, you might as well use it to find the most efficient algorithm - it's free. Without the right algorithm, even the best program, will be second rate in speed.

    3) You know you're tempting the animals with delicious foodstuffs!
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    Need good C programmer to make script
    Script implies shell script not a C program.

    I am guess you want a C command line program; or you are just a person collecting email addresses.

    Tim S.

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