Thread: Publishing company looking to partner with developers

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    Publishing company looking to partner with developers

    Hello to all creative indie game developers out there,

    We are an up-and-coming publishing company called Best Games Media Group and we would like to connect to as many of you as possible.

    Our team is constantly working on growing our network of channel partners and affiliates, which will provide your games with popularity and a large user base. Our network covers the whole of Eastern Europe and also the French and English markets. We can even offer to make French or English translations of the games.

    We have a good knowledge of the game market and we have prepared a thorough marketing and advertising campaign to promote the games we are about to publish.
    For those of you, who contact us first, we will offer special conditions with financialprivileges.

    We understand your concerns on dealing with publishers that do not pay on time and do not provide you with statistics on sales. Our company is making sure not to make those mistakes. For us, communication is very important, because we aim at having a common goal with our developers. To do so, we make sure to do our part fairly and to be open for any questions and requests at any time.

    Please do contact us at:
    info (at)
    Best Games Media Group Ltd.

    We are looking forward to communicating with you and to have you as our partners!

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    Shouldn't something like this be under the recruitment board? Or moved/deleted?

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    Agreed - moved.
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