Are you a passionate hard core low level software developer, looking for a new and interesting project? Then you should give us a call.

Since early 2000 we supported our clients on a vast number of projects, all over the world. Our consultant pool consist of Swedish and non Swedish consultants within the fields of telecommunication, embedded systems, application development, web based systems, finance systems, transaction systems, main frame systems, SAP, infrastructure, IT security, quality assurance, graphics development and project management.
Now we are looking for new candidates to come work with us on-site in Sweden. We are searching for many types of profiles and candidates, but currently, this Job Description is very hot:

Function Group MIB at Sony Ericsson in Lund, Sweden
This is THE troubleshooting department at Sony Ericsson. They are technically very skilled and take care of the most challenging tasks and bugs. Here you work with embedded systems, troubleshooting, debugging and product optimization. The work is performed in teams so team members need to be open minded and able to communicate both internal and external. Willing to invest time and effort in the assignment.

Master of Science, or a Ph.D, in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent and have sufficient skills to mentor others.

Experience in the following areas:
Expert in embedded software development
Real time programming
Assembler programming (ARM)
C/C++ programming on an expert level
Deep Linux, Unix and/or Posix knowledge
Android (at least basic knowledge)
Experience in working with HW development and/or low level systems
Further, candidates for these positions should have true knowledge about the demands and (resource) limitations that comes with built-in systems, e.g. real time constraints, memory constraints, power save and performance tuning etc. In addition, candidates should have deep skills regarding race conditions, mutex, locks etc.

Working at MIB at Sony Ericsson, you would also need:
At least basic Java knowledge
Good communication skills in English, both verbal and written
Be passionate about and committed to your work
A good "drive" as a developer
Place of assignment is in Lund, Sweden, and the duration of the assignment is long term (mindset should be 12-24 months). Assignment start is preferably within 2-4 weeks from contractual signatures.

So, how do you get there?

Step one of the process will be an on-line based test administered by MIB, Sony Ericsson. This test is a very tricky low level development test partly focused on ARM assembler and embedded environments; many have tried, fewer passed. Once the on-line test is passed there will be a second test, this time on-site at MIB/Sony Ericsson in Sweden - at our cost - and there will also be an interview in conjunction with the test. The second test is very Linux intense and has focus on troubleshooting and bug-fixing. Again, very tricky.

Note that we, Telescope, always provide the required documents, invitations, and housing that could be used during a visa application process for non Schengen citizens. Normally a visa with work permit takes us about 30-45 days to accomplish, and the process is pretty straightforward.

Please send your application or inquiries to and feel free to forward this email to anyone you might know, that would be suitable for this position.