Thread: Virtual Combat : An extension of educational game -RoboCode. Prizes worth35,000 INR.

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    Virtual Combat : An extension of educational game -RoboCode. Prizes worth35,000 INR.


    CodeFest'11, the annual international online coding festival of Computer Engineering Society, IT-BHU presents VIRTUAL COMBAT to prove that Codes do fight. Virtual Combat is a competition designed as an extension to the educational game - Robocode, where robotic tanks are programmed in JAVA to battle against other tanks in a simulated battlefield. Watch out how.

    Why should you participate?
    Exciting prize money of 35,000 INR
    New features added to Robocode: Obstacles, Capturing the enemy flag, new rules.
    Excellent platform to learn Java and other fields of computer science like artificial intelligence, robotic path planning and neural networks.
    A fun-filled event where you can challenge any other team for the war and keep updating your code till you "build the best and destroy the rest".
    Easy to participate as it takes just a few minutes to code a simple robot, but perfecting a bot can take months.
    So Register yourself, Create your team, Download the application and Get started.

    Hope you fight hard. See you on the battlefield !


    Team Codefest
    Visit us at CodeFest
    Mail us at
    Check out our page at Codefest | Facebook
    Follow us at Codefest (C0defest) on Twitter
    Read our blog at Codefest Blog
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