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    New Hockey/Soccer Games

    Hi, I have a playable demo of the world’s first interactive Card Hockey Game and need some help getting it online. So I’m looking for a Programmer to partner with who can convert the demo into a web-based format so people can play directly online instead of having to download it, knows AI/graphics and who can basically take control of the whole project coordinating everything and remotely providing me with new installs etc. This might also be ideal for someone that just wants to get some practical experience using my game. We could start selling a generic version online right away too once it’s converted. It’s programmed in C++ but I am open to having someone start over from scratch and re-doing it ‘their way’ as long as the desired Final result is achieved. The Game is designed for Tournament play and to create your won League as well and I have Score Sheets, Schedules and everything else like that ready to go and also want to develop a Soccer version of this game. I’ve got an NHL Player interested to endorse too if I ever get a proper professional-looking version finalized but if it does realize any kind of commercial success, there would of course be an equal share of revenue for whoever partners with me. If anyone wants to take a closer look, my dev website is here: if that’s allowed for me to display it? If not please PM me and I’ll provide the URL. Thanks and forgive me if anyone was offended by my asking around in your forum.


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    I have moved this thread to the Projects and Job Recruitment forum.
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