We are seeking world class software engineers at all levels ( junior programmer to team lead/development manager ) to work on our state-of-the art ad serving platform. Our extremely successful platform is a very large scale globally distributed ( across 3 data centers ) , service oriented, event driven system that handles 100s of thousands of ad serving requests per second ( 100s of billions per month ), responding to ad requests with very strict latency requirements. In addition, we data-mine a warehouse of 10 TB+ of data ( and growing! ), to generate some very sophisticated analytics/optimization which drive decisions behind the ad-serving process.

We expect a dramatic increase in the data rates and volumes in the near future and even more stringent latency requirements demanded of our platform and hence are looking to make significant additions to our team who will help evolve our platform to the next generation.

The environment is very fast paced and successful candidates need to be comfortable in making daily changes to our core platform, while refactoring/redesigning. We believe in an agile and incremental software development and particularly value simple solutions to complex problems. We also look for ability to diagnose a problem/situation across the entire software and hardware stack rather than just debug a piece of code. Given the uptime constraints on our platform ( 24/7, 99.99%), operational maintainability of our software is utmost important.

The exact domain experience is less of a concern for us than the ability to fit into the above general profile. We are open to candidates from areas like telecom and automated trading/finance.


■Minimum of bachelors degree in computer science, math or engineering from a top university
■Outstanding programming and debugging skills in C/C++ ( we are selectively open to exceptionally strong java developers as well )
■2+ years of production software development experience
■Excellent problem solving skills.
■Experience with real time, low latency, high throughput and large scale systems
■Experience with data structures, algorithms, profiling and performance optimizations

■Experience with libevent, RESTful APIs
■Experience with kernel optimizations and the TCP/IP stack

***To apply, send your resume to tbecker at appnexus.com***