We are LoveMachine (lovemachine)
We make a crowdsourced employee incentive and reward system, which you can use and test from our site.

*Note: this task is not for our in house app, but our custom Second Life Viewer, a C++ software client. Also available through our source code link.

The source code is at LoveViewer source code

We currently make an effort to have weekly meetings in the Second Life metaverse, and as such have to deal with the rather cumbersome and slow viewers available. We want to look into creating a fast, flexible client that improve the machinists SL experience and consider options related to how we work. Mostly.

We have a number of tasks related to our SL client currently posted on our work bid site at: http://dev.sendlove.us/worklist

Tasks include:
Preloading app to memory to improve start time
Creating basic Parental controls for Chat/IM
Augmenting the way spacialized sound works
Smaller installer size
Creating better build tool
Easier ways to control camera
and other adjustments

We are looking for programmers who have some experience with the SL client and are interested in making our client faster, better and easier to use for our staff.
Interested? Join us in our Workroom, setup an account and make a bid on any of the tasks you want to tackle. You can also ask questions directly in the workroom while you are there. Our team is international and there is usually someone around who can help.

We'll see you in the Workroom!

The LoveMachine Team

??? Send a message to contact@lovemachineinc.com.