Thread: Rogue Dao Studios is looking for 1-2 C# programmers

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    Rogue Dao Studios is looking for 1-2 C# programmers

    Rogue Dao Studios has been around for about three years now. Our first project was Purgatorio, a Planescape module for Neverwinter Nights 2.

    Rogue Dao Studios | Planescape Trilogy : Forums

    Video Trailer:
    YouTube - ‪Planescape Trilogy: Purgatorio Trailer‬‎

    RDS - Purgatorio Music -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

    We are currently developing a single player fantasy RPG adventure called "The Blood Ransom". TBR will be a commercial (paid) project, and the adventure will take place in an iron-age, agrarian, feudalistic kingdom.

    This is an original concept single-player fantasy RPG adventure by Rogue Dao Studios.
    Approximately 25 hours of tough, brute, manly playtime.
    A "pirate opera" adventure in the tradition of the ancient Greeks & Vikings.
    Gamol Gelenden, a highly-detailed, ancient, original-concept world presented in an iron-age feudalistic society.
    Old school dungeon/pyramid exploration with puzzles, tricks, and traps in a dead god's sunken temple.
    4 companions with detailed interaction and a romantic love triangle involving the player, a good woman and a bad woman.
    Custom GUI, new tilesets, new monsters and a large number of new placeables.
    At least 12 music tracks and high quality voice acting.
    The Unity engine will be used to develop this adventure.

    RDS is recruiting team members for The Blood Ransom. We are particularly looking for programmers (C#), 3D artists and animators, but are always happy to be contacted by talented and experienced people. Please e mail Mike at for more information.

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    Do you have a full license to Unity or are you just using the freebie? Do you really think C# can handle this type of game?

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    Hey Bubba, It's nice to hear from a fellow geezer!

    We have the freebie right now, but we are prepared to spend the big bucks if it turns out to be necessary. We are currently developing a 1-2 hour demo of our chapter one to see if we can make it work as planned. I will be able to answer your C# question after we get a bit deeper into the demo. My answer right now is "yes". If you have any advice, I'm at:


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