Thread: Senior C# .NET Developer Wanted

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    Senior C# .NET Developer Wanted

    Senior .NET Developer Desired Skills Set

    o Senior Level Knowledge of C# .NET/ ASP.NET

    o Familiar with responsibilities and problems inherent in parallel, simultaneous development. This includes implementing changes to existing applications within a well-defined scope and adhering to change management controls.

    o Experience with code management system (CVS a plus)

    o Good English communications skills, both written and verbal. Ability to work well with others within a project team.

    This is a contract position with a minimum of 6 month duration. This is for a large power company on the east coast. Company also provides for expenses. Excellent opportunity, please contact me with your resume and salary requirements no later than Friday, July 16, 2010.

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    As Germany doesn't have an east coast yet and you probably don't want to wait for global warming to create one, I'm guessing the job offer isn't local to my position. Remember this is the internet with people from all over the world, you might want to get a bit more specific

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