We’re looking for a top notch client side software engineer. If you have experience developing ..quality consumer desktop applications, let’s talk. Our application is a DB intensive custom service that performs software application recommendations to a wide range of end-users. We’re trying to change the way that people discover great software, and do so in a high-integrity “do the right thing” way.

What you’ll be doing:
Development of our Software Network’s client-side technology
• Includes development of QA plans and working with QA to move the technology from development to release quality
Development of our Software Network’s client-side SDK
• Pulling together an SDK around the client-side technology. Includes;
▪ Documentation for partners to follow
▪ Testing documentation for partners to follow
Development of new products which extend software recommendations into new markets
• Today the Software Network’s recommendations are performs only in Windows installers. We will be testing many other areas to present recommendations to users.
Development of new consumer products which focus on improving desktop and web application usage, management, and discovery
• OpenCandy branded, direct to consumer, products.
Work with partner support when required to debug partner SDK bugs

Debug bugs discovered in the field with the client-side technology
• This involves analysis of error data and usage data collected from thousands of installs
• Quickly developing patches for the client-side technology

Development of variations on the client-side technology for specific partners

What we’re looking for:
10+ years C/C++ programming
• Displays an architectural and scalable approach to development
• Thinks about multiple versions of releases; refactoring, architecture, future proof
5+ years desktop application development

Technical leadership experience and skill set
• Ability to drive a product from product concepts and product requirements to shippable product
Ninja in:
• Win32
• Microsoft Visual Studio
• C and C++
• Windows Multi-threading
• Windows Security model
• Version control (SVN or CVS)
• Installers (At least one; MSI, NSIS, or Inno)
• Unit testing
Experience with the following technologies;
• Networking
• User interface
• i18n
Bonus points;
• Web browser development experience
• Web browser add-on/extension development experience
• User experience design

Qualities we’re looking for:
Leader - displays the ability to lead a project or product from conception to release
• Experience starting projects or product from the ground, and actually moving it forward to release
• Displays the impulse to start something, anything, by their own initiative
• Shown to explore various areas of technology
• Shown to explore various projects and products
Perspective - real artists ship
• Proven track record of actually shipping projects and products
• Building prototypes and concepts is one thing
Teamwork - plays well with others
• Experience working with others on the same project or product

About OpenCandy
OpenCandy is dedicated to helping developers increase their distribution and improving the way people discover great software. Our first product is a recommendation network that leverages developers’ installation channels to drive distribution of relevant consumer applications in a user-friendly way.

The team behind OpenCandy is a smart, pragmatic and experienced group united by a shared desire to improve the software discovery process for everyone involved. We work in a casual but fast-paced environment with flexible schedules, full health benefits, 401k and free lottery tickets (or as we call them, stock options). Our investors include Google Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

If you’d like to help improve the future of the software industry and you think you have what it takes to thrive in the dynamic, challenging and rapidly evolving world of a growing start-up company, send us your resume as well as your top 5 favorite software applications!

You can apply for the position by emailing us at iwannawork [at] opencandy [dot] com.

We look forward to hearing from you.