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    InfiEra Games Recruiting

    Hello, My name is Matt Stalcup.
    I am Owner of Infiera Games, A small but efficient group of dedicated developers of all trades. We are currently looking for more members to help complete our current project.

    -What positions are open?
    -Artist (Must know how to draw Manga like art)
    -Writers (To work on Dialogue and Story Development)

    Here are some examples of our work.

    Promise.mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    -Are you expecting Experienced Developers?
    No, everyone is welcome to join, we are just looking for people who are willing to lend us their skills.

    -What Engine are you using?
    Our engine is based upon Orgre3D, but customized to our liking.

    -How do I apply?
    Please send me or my project lead an email
    or my project lead

    -What will I be expected to do after I join?
    An assignment will be given to you in which you will turn in by designated deadline.
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