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    Cool Project needs members

    Team name:

    No Limits Designs

    Project name:

    The working title of my game/project if tentatively: Legends of the Ancient Realms.

    Brief description:

    Legends of the Ancient Realms is going to be a 3d MMORPG. The game will be a sandbox game similar to UO, but incorporate raiding, and other long term goals that players can accomplish. The game will be targeted towards a more mature demographic that appreciate beautiful --and realistic-- graphics, the social aspect of gaming (no instances), and a game that is challenging. Currently, I have a working Login server, Game server, Patching program, and a client.

    Target aim:

    I have been working on this project for about a year now, and I am at the point where I feel comfortable involving other people. Having said that, I plan on releasing the game digitally and charging a monthly fee --no item shops here. My aim is to complete the project in around two years; however, I will not release anything until I am happy with it. I refuse to be like so many other MMORPG's that are hungry for money, so they release a game that is not finished --not here.


    My life consists of two things right now: work(non-programming --payed); and work(programming, --non-payed). Because of this, I cannot offer immediate compensation; however, the compensation I can offer is percentages of initial revenue and/or owning a percentage of the company.


    I am flexible with a persons knowledge base. But, if you are applying for a programming position with no c++ experience, don't. I am writing my own engine and the only libraries used are Direct x and Intel threading building blocks.



    knowledge of the following concepts/models/Libraries:

    -DirectX 10

    -Intel Threading Building blocks for programming multi-core processors.

    -Data structures and Algorithm analysis.

    -Use of Microsoft Visual Studio as a compiler.

    Non requirements, but defiantly a plus:

    -Network programming for TCP/UDP

    -A basic understanding of assembly language

    -Data Encryption

    -Programming computer clusters

    Talent needed:

    (2) Programmers

    (2) 3d modelers

    (1) Project Manager

    Team structure:

    Currently, I am the only full-time member. I am the jack-of-trades: web designer, programmer, modeler, etc.


    No Limits Designs


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    updated positions

    The project manager position has been filled and is now not available.
    A modeler position has been filled.

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