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    Team Chivalry seeks experienced programmer

    Hi, I'm posting here on behalf of Team Chivalry. We're the team behind the Half-Life 2 modification Age of Chivalry, a first-person multiplayer mod of Valve's Source engine, with a heavy focus on melee combat and objective-focused team play in a medieval setting. We made a post searching for coders to join our team here several months ago, but we have since started on another big update for our game and realized we needed another experienced programmer to take some of the load off our lead coder's shoulders.

    To recap; The initial public release of Age of Chivalry was in late August of 2006. It was a success, and our mod has since undergone several major updates. Age of Chivalry made its first Mod Data Base Mod of The Year awards debut back in 2007 as an Editors Choice pick, then got into the Players Choice section in 2008, it also became popular enough in 2008 that Valve Software selected it to be one of 5 mods released on Steam, and recently got an honorable mention in the 2009 MOTY award. We intend to expand on our success to date, to continue improving Age of Chivalry, and to strive to make this mod the best melee combat game ever made.

    Here is a link to our homepage, our YouTube account, and our Steam store page, so you can learn more about our mod and download it to take a look at our work yourself:

    AoC homepage: Age Of Chivalry - Homepage
    AoC Steam store page: Age of Chivalry on Steam
    AoC YouTube account: YouTube - TeamChivalry's Channel

    Before you decide to apply for a position on our team, you need to know that this is something we do just for fun. None of the team members get paid for their work, and Age of Chivalry is distributed on Steam for free. Despite the lack of pay, there are many benefits to working with our mod team. For example, you can expand your skill set by working with other highly talented game designers, and improve your portfolio/resume. Since no one gets paid and we work for fun, Team Chivalry is a fairly laid back environment where, for the most part, we produce assets when and as we can, and we welcome all suggestions to help improve the game.

    So, for this coder we're seeking, experience with the Source engine would be a massive plus. Experience with client/server hierarchies, and/or GUI development would also be a plus, and experience with Subversion or CVS would make the introduction faster, but is not a requirement. Here are the requirements:
    • Applicants need to own a Valve game that comes with Source SDK Base, so you can actually download and run our mod and it's dev build. Half-Life 2, Half-Life Deathmatch Source, CounterStrike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2, or L4D would all work.
    • Applicants should be experienced with C++.
    • We work with C++ in Visual Studio 2008, so applicants should be familiar with that software.
    • Applicants should be experienced in game programming, on any engine.

    If you'd like to apply for this position, just send your application to

    Thanks for reading, and I hoped I understood the posting rules here correctly (that I should make a new post, rather than bump the old one),

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    What is wrong with the media section on your site? It pops up a dialog saying it cannot open the page and after that IE says it cannot display the webpage.

    Looks very good. Do you have any design docs for this as of yet?

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    Just thanking you for the game and wishing you luck. I've played it off and on for a couple years. It's a good game. Now someone go help improve it!
    Warning: Have doubt in anything I post.

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