Thread: (programmers!) simply gameplay modification (duesex/Systemshock style)

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    Exclamation (programmers!) simply gameplay modification (duesex/Systemshock style)

    Hello all!
    I have an idea that i think might just work.

    I don't know about anyone else, but i love system shock 2 and Dues ex.
    I like system shock 2 so much that i even tried remaking it with the doom 3 engine, but ran into program with EA. Apparently it's happened to other people more than once, even on that particular engine .

    I personally work with 3d modeling and texturing, and concept art.

    The idea is to get a good solid post 2004 game (ideally id tech or unreal, I'm more experienced with ID tech[although any engine which incorporates id tech media could work]) and fashion it into a fps/rpg. Depending on the story, adventure game elements might entail.
    I propose that we leave all media and assets as is, and work on game play; movement, interaction, other elements etc. That way, once we've perfected game play, we can start to think about such things as plot, and original aesthetics.
    Then with a fun little demonstration mod, we can pitch it to others who can join based on what we've done with gameplay. Because as you know, people often go by gameplay when assessing a game's potential.

    This isn't some all out conversion i'm pitching here, it's quite an unambitious idea to start with, but hopefully it will grow once people see the good work.

    Now the best part. All i need i need is one programmer. Some experience would be great, but if you think you're up to it anyway, let me know. Don't worry about other team members for now, all other assets should pretty much be taken care of.

    Also, please don't be turned down if you don't know about or dislike system shock 2 or deus ex, because i'm open to alterations, and it may just turn out to be a little more like ultima underground or borderlands or any other games of the kind.

    Please email me if you like the sound of this.

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    This needs to be moved to projects and job recruitment

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    Agreed, and moved.
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