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    HL-2 Mod Team Seeking C++ Programmers

    Hello! I'm posting here on behalf of Team Chivalry, the mod team that created the Half-Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry. We are looking to expand our team, with at least one C++ programmer. We're hoping to find one senior programmer and one assistant programmer to join our team. A huge plus would be if you have worked on a mod team before, if you haven't then just understand that creating a mod isn't done over a night.

    First, a little information about our mod. Age of Chivalry is a first person, multiplayer, medieval combat, total conversion mod of Valve's Source™ engine with a heavy focus on melee combat and objective-based team play. The first public release of Age of Chivalry was in late August of 2006. The release was a success, and has since undergone several major updates, won the 2007 Mod Database "Mod of the Year" award, and became popular enough that in 2008 Valve Software selected it to be one of 5 mods released on Steam. We intend to expand on our success to date, to continue improving Age of Chivalry, and to strive to make this mod the best melee combat game ever made.

    Here is a link to our homepage, our YouTube account, and our Steam store page, so you can learn more about our mod and download it to take a first hand look at our work so far:

    AoC homepage:
    AoC Steam store page:
    AoC YouTube account:

    Before you decide whether or not you want to apply for a position on our team, you also need to know that this is something we do just for fun. None of the team members get paid for their work, and Age of Chivalry is distributed on Steam for free. Despite the lack of pay, there are many benefits to working with our mod team. For example, you can expand your skill set by working with other highly talented game designers, and improve your portfolio/resume. Since no one gets paid and we work for fun, Team Chivalry is a fairly laid back environment where -for the most part- we produce assets when and as we can, and we welcome all suggestions to help improve the game.

    Now, on to the requirements of the job:
    • You need to own a Valve game that comes with Source SDK Base, so you can actually download and run our mod and it's dev build. Half-Life 2, Half-Life Deathmatch Source, CounterStrike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2, L4D, or L4D2 would all meet this requirement.
    • We need someone with a fair bit of C++ experience. This is the main thing we're looking for here.
    • Experience with the Source engine is a requirement as well.
    • Experience with CVS (SVN-subversion, but not needed) and/or visual studio (visual studio will be needed to develop, we are working with .net 2005 at the moment).
    • Experience with SVN is preferred, but not necessary.
    • Experiences in game programming, client/server hierarchies, and/or GUI development would be big plus.

    Read more about the Source™ engine here: Source - Valve Developer Community

    To apply for this position on our team just send your application to
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    Just to help them with this, I can ensure people that if these guys are the ones behind Age of Chivalry, they are serious and their mod is great
    Currently research OpenGL

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