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    My new project~ Evolve

    Last August I got bored, so I decided to learn C++, I know random. But I decided to apply this to stuff I already know, Biology. Which is why I'm creating a game called evolve. This game is my attempt to make a game resembling evolution, and so far its been going pretty well. I have a prokaryote level up and working and a eukaryote level getting started, as well as beginning code for the multicellular level. The best part of this project it the fact that it's constantly evolving as I work on it. In fact I made a website for it, if you want to check it out the link is:

    Evolve - Home

    In fact here's a screenshot

    If you're interested in helping out I have some tasks that I could use some help out on. On a pro bono (a.k.a. no pay, just for fun) basis you can help me with coding, promotions/marketing, website design. And I would be happy to take any Ideas you have and incorporate them into the game.

    So check it out and tell me what you think.
    Just remember its a work in progress that will keep getting better.

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    segmentation fault
    See, everything C++ people do ends up as a game

    Just kidding. Looks neat. I bet it would be a great thing to translate into SDL, as an initial SDL project, since it is 2D. This probably has a lot of educational potential, to state the very obvious, but the kids really are gonna want a fancier interface before they trust the authority of the thing
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    The C Book -- nice online learner guide
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    Is "H20" supposed to be "H2O"?

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Ok u can contact me on

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    You ARE aware that Google indexes these pages and spambots search Google for e-mail addresses right?

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    the idea is awesome, but these symbols and the type of graphics and input is confusing and annoying :S
    Currently research OpenGL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akkernight View Post
    the idea is awesome, but these symbols and the type of graphics and input is confusing and annoying :S
    I second that. The console application really limits the scope of the game design.

    MilkyJoe, have you looked into Allegro for a game programming library? The library is easily portable to C++ and contains very simple functions you should have no trouble picking up on the fly.

    Allegro - A game programming library


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