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    Glest Coders

    Hello, this is Modman from the Glest forums. We are working on improving on, in various ways, the free RTS game Glest. Glest is General Public Licensed, so you can work on the source even easier. Unfortunately, the Glest Team, which was the original core of development for Glest, is less active than before. So I would just like to tell anyone who is interested that we, at the Glest forums, would really appreciate any help that anyone here can give. Any help that you can give is much appreciated, and we all try to be very friendly.

    You can visit the Glest forums at Glest - Index.

    Or, if you would like to check out the main face of Glest, you can visit the official Glest site at Glest - The Free Real-Time Strategy Game.

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    Looks good. How do you create new content and mods? What scripting language does it use?

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    It says with xml and a map editor. That's nice so far, as many rts/rpg games don't support such extensions. And the game looks really gorgeous! Maybe I should give it a look. Not that I am a good programmer :-S
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    Thanks for the replies. Yea, I'm kind of on a mission to recruit coders to Glest, so...

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