Hello all and thanks for reading!

Ok, I'd like to introduce the team and game/project we are working on, so that you readers can be a little more sure that this is a serious project, and not just a dream.
We are currently three team mates;
Paul ( Programmer ( http://mercior.com <- if you want to see his webpage ) Lives in the UK, meaning GMT+0 )
Andy ( 3D Modeler, lives in the UK as well, meaning GMT+0 )
Ian ( Game Designer, the one writing this and lives in Faroe Islands, meaning GMT+0 )

NOTICE: I'm excluding considerations as day-light saving

Our project's working title is "Argorn", a 3D 3rd person action game with rpg elements, but played in a linear format where you progress through levels. The game will take place over about 6 levels. We have set up a work web space on assembla, mainly so that we could advertise on here and other sites, so here's the link -> Home | Argorn | Assembla <- NOTICE: take a look at the videos to see some progress and shots of the game that are pre-pre-alpha or something, just trying to give you some insights.

So now that you know a little about us, I'll get to the point. We're in need of a mapper, but not just any mapper; we prefer someone who's either experienced in hammer/3dws or GTKradiant, but we are open to other mappers.
Also, if you are interested, we'd prefer if you live in GMT+0 or close, also, we want dedicated people in our team, we are a team and not a buisness, so you do not have regular working days and whatnot, instead you have fun doing what you love, this is at least what we try and hope all our team mates feel, even though hard and boring work is always a part to success.

You can contact via email at ian.t.j@aeresteam.com or on MSN via jacobsen92@hotmail.com, and we can discuss things, or you can just reply on here.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance!