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    Ascent - C Programmer searched

    OK. Well, I've reached an important milestone. I think the criterias were too difficult and the project too closed and how to say, impossible. So you see, I've changed things nearly completely since I'm ashame of reading my first post. Here are the new criterias:

    a) Knowing at least some of the syntax of C
    b) Having a "good" programming style
    c) You should have a reference for the library functions.
    d) Parser is ok now, use recursive-descent. Don't worry if you don't understand

    The new features:
    a) Parser -> AST etc.
    b) Disassembly
    c) Integers, bools, strings, void, doubles, modules & C-Functions (nearly everything done)
    d) If-else, while, for (; loops (want to add foreach, which will be called for)

    Next goals:
    a) Define functions in ascent, not only in C (with argument passing etc)
    b) Invoke methods on objects, such as "string".upper()

    Please Note: This is a project for fun. I do it because I want to. Any help is appreciated. Newbies welcome, learn and code.

    Please Note again: I've a SVN repo at google code. You can look at it to decide. (

    PS: Please, can some mods delete my first post?
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