I know this is a C forum, still I like this forum and hate finding new forums, so please excuse me for going off-board (?) with this one...


Aeres Enterainment is looking for a web designers and possibly more than one!
What mostly needs doing is http://moe.aeresenterainment.com, since it was done in a WYSIWYG editor, and has some serious flaws, this can be discussed with me in more detail if you're interested...
Also, we have much more web work for those interested! AeresEntertainment.com - Home is using a temporary template, and needs some real work done on it.

Aeres Enterainment is a free and striving to remain open source team/orientation, and thus I can promise you no money, but this should be a good oppertunity for those interested in testing their web design skills and get some experience working for others!

NOTE: For those who have seen me posted that we have a web designer, he's too god damn lazy to do any real work, thus why I'm looking for someone more dedicated!

EMAIL: ian.t.j@aeresteam.com
Or post on the board, or send me a private message on the boards!