Team name:
Bacon Studios

Project name:
Temporary code name: Project Bacon

Brief description:
"A prominent "high priority assassin" returns from retirement for one final mission. Unable to successfully fulfill his task, the father can only watch as his family is executed in front of him. In an attempt to save their lives the mother sacrifices herself in order to save their son. With his father's reputation no longer protecting him, the boy is forced to train relentlessly. Friends of his father break the boy out of the assassins guild and smuggle him to a far away location. Thinking he had perished during the commotion, the guild does not search for him. Remembering everything about his past, the child joins a small village of nomads but never really becomes accustomed to their way of life. Because of his past and strange behavior, the villagers treat him with contempt and fear. He frequently has visions of his mothers death and views it as a chilling reminder that "peace is an illusion". His father's friends show up one day(when they feel he is old enough)to inform him of where his father has been, and who had his mother killed. Soon after their visit the village comes under attack by bandits and the boy fends off the attackers with startling proficiency."

Project Bacon is a relatively new project in the conceptual stage of design. A tentative list of major features in no specific order is as follows:

* A complex combat system with directional swinging and parrying. Fighting will be fast-paced melee reminiscent of a fighting game. Unlike a fighting game, the combat will not rely on combo chains or complex button presses. Ranged weapons will also be available, but will be challenging to aim due to curved missile trajectory.
* A multi-player mode will be available separate from the single-player.
* Engaging puzzles will require thought to complete and may entail various outcomes. Each puzzle area will have multiple methods to achieve victory.
* The player will have a choice of upgradable armor will reduce damage and affect your movement ability.
* A crafting system will allow materials found in the game to be turned into traps, weapons, armor, or other items. Some recipes will be given, but many of them will need to be discovered through experimentation.
* A realistic Day/Night simulation will display light transitions that affect certain game play elements.
* The game world will be in an open format, but the main quest line will be clearly distinguished. Navigation tools will stop players from getting lost.
* Linear plot and dialog system.

Target aim:
The target at this point in time is a free game. Open-source is being considered.

There will be no compensation for this project.

We will be using Ogre3d library alongside supporting libraries.

Talent needed:
We are actively seeking:

-Concept Artists

-3d Modelers/Animators


-C++ Programmers

-Sound Designers

Team structure:
Reece - Game design, management, moral support.
Glorfindel - Programmer with experience primarily in C++, previously involved in 2d game programming with SDL, has been learning to work with Ogre. Also involved with the game design. Some examples of his work can be found at

Welcome - Project Bacon

IRC: #projectbacon @

Previous Work by Team:
This is a new group.

Additional Info:
We are a laid back and friendly group with no real time constraints or rush towards a set deadline. The focus will be on a mutual learning experience, so we will use an approach more similar to a study group than a traditional team. You need not be an expert to apply, but you should have some prior experience in your intended focus area. If you'd like to know more, or have any questions, feel free to stop by IRC or e-mail us!

ANY (but please keep it respectful.)

Thank you for your time.