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    A MoCap project for someone...

    I want to develop the software that I will describe and sell it on a website that already sells complimentary products. You would get money from every sale and you can be sure that happens by creating a licensing proceedure for the software so that it does not work until the user pays the fee.

    Here is a description of the project:

    I have a project I am working on that incorporates some very simplistic motion capture and wondered if you are aware of a way that I can do what I need to do and avoid re-inventing the wheel.
    I will describe breifly what I want to achieve and we can talk in more detail about it later if it's something you can help me with.
    I want to use an ordinary webcam focused on a live subjects head.
    Either using markers or face recognition of some sort, I need the image to be fed into software that can tell if the subjects head is being moved in any combination of 3 axis.

    I need that information to be converted in real time into commands that will control servos which will move a robotic head in the same patterns that the actors head are moving in.

    The only motions I care about for this project are up and down (nodding), left and right (Rotating) and tilting side to side (tilting).
    I do not need to track lip movements, eyebrows or any other facial muscle movements, just the basic motions of the head.

    So to using a single standard webcam as the input device, I want to control a robotic head to match the basic movements of an actor in real time (a slight delay is acceptable. a few hundred milliseconds)

    I know there are combinations of products out there that I can buy to get this done, but the cost is prohibitive.

    There is an outlet to sell these that I am sure will get a lot of attention and if it is priced right, will sell quite well.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    I will share more detailed information with anyone who thinks they may want to take this on.

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    Track IR already does this in a way for simulation and FPS games and is actually quite cheap. It uses a sensor on a 'hat' the user wears and a camera on the monitor detects changes in movements and orientation of the sensor. Since Track IR's job is to rotate the view based on the head orientation of the user I'm sure it would work for a robot head.

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