Hi all. My name's Rick and I'm programming an Open Source Video Editor called "Saya" (the full name is "Saya-VE", which is a recursive acronym for "Saya-VE ain't yet another Video Editor" ;-) ). One of the goals is to make it work on both GNU/Linux and Windows.

The project is split in the following "subprojects":

* A low-level, cross-platform library for basic video frames / audio handling (seeking, playing, etc). This part is nearly done.

* A high level video editing framework, allowing the programmer to cut/copy/paste, add effects, handle various layers of video/audio, etc. (this part is almost done, too)

* The integration of the above libraries with external codec-handling libraries like GStreamer or FFMPEG.

* The GUI, which consists of wxwidgets code.

Right now I need people to help me with the GUI (widgets / dialogs design), but you're welcome to help with the other parts if you want.

Please contact me at http://sayavideoeditor.sourceforge.net/