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    Project Varia recruiting.

    Project Varia

    If you have wanted to work on an RPG game and just haven't known where to start
    then by all means PM me what you would like to do to help the project.

    1. What we do have-
      • Design Documentation ( Approx. 60% complete )
      • Story ( Approx. 70% complete )
      • A burning passion for game development

    2. What we need-
      • Programming Assistance-
        • Implementing a Graphics Engine ( custom, Ogre3D, or Irrlicht are preferable )
        • Implementing a Sound Engine ( FMod, Irrklang, or OpenAL preferable )
        • Implementing the said engines to be easily implemented with LuaScript.

      • Modeler/Texture Creation-
        • Creating models and textures for every ingame character and/or object

      • Sound/Music-
        • Possibly use another games music. Since this project is solely non-profit.

    3. What were hoping for-
      • A team of motivated individuals willing to work together.
      • People located in the United States ( for TimeZone issues )

    All assistance provided to the project will be noted, and proper acknowledgment will be made in the in-game credits.

    I thank you for your time. If you are interested or would like to learn more about the project then please PM me.
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