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    Call of Duty 4 Mod Maker...

    We are looking for someone to make a mod for us for call of duty 4. Please have experience with C and Quake C. We are paying, but we do not have a selected price.

    Contact: (not spam, real email)

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    Sorta vague isn't it?

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    Yeah and QuakeC? ... Why? AFAIK CoD4 is using some in-house scripting language similar to the one used in CoD2. Maybe they mean general game scripting language experience, but still.
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    maybe they mean a COD4 mod for Quake?

    I will do it, I charge $25.00 an hour and will provide an exstimated time to completion after i recieve the requirements document.

    Those two factors I'm guessing will eliminate 99.999% of the 'gosh lets do a really cool mod' crowd.
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