Thread: Open source, easy-to-use XMPP messenger: Open-IM

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    Open source, easy-to-use XMPP messenger: Open-IM


    quite a while ago, I started this Project and after a few rewrites I think it's reaches a status in which it can be used

    It's name is Open-IM and it's supposed to be an open-source instant messenger. It uses XMPP (specifically the loudmouth library) and GTK+ for its user interface. The goals are to keep the messenger easy in usage and to spread the usage of XMPP and encrypted instant-messaging. Also, one significant advantage over proprietary networks like ICQ is, that Open-IM doesn't log whatsoever. This might make it attractive for privacy-concerned people
    Open-IM is released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3.

    The Project website is Available for download are the sourcecode for compiling on Linux and other Unix flavours and an installer for Windows (32 Bit). It's tested and runs fine on Windows XP. Vista compatiblity was not tested yet.
    There are also packages for debian GNU/Linux (and other debian-based distros like ubuntu), but they are not the most recent ones. I'll build recent ones this evening.
    As soon as I find out how, I'll also deliver packages for RedHat and other rpm-based distros

    On the website are also screenshots (if you're curious) and a manual for novice users or those who need help compiling or installing Open-IM.

    Note: Open-IM is not to be confused with OpenIM (the XMPP server). Sorry, by the time I realised, the domain was already rented...

    Regards, mkruk

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    I just realized that I forgot to pack some dependencies into the installer. I fixed that, the only dependency that has to be installed separately is the GTK+ all-in-one pack.

    Anyway, I just tested Windows Vista compatiblity, and Open-IM stops working when connecting to the servers. I don't know if this is actually an Open-IM related problem or because of Vista or the VM.
    Since after _virtually_ every 3rd click, explorer.exe segfaults, this might have something to do with either Vista or the VM. The Vista installation image (trial from is actually fine and the checksums match.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could verify that by testing on a "real" Vista installation.

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