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    I agree, but I generally try to offer encouraging suggestions to the youngsters. This usually serves to enlighten the subject as to the enormity of the task ahead, and yet doesnt directly discourage them from trying. Sure, the project is obviously doomed from conception, but he will learn more from trying and failing than from not trying at all. Remember, he is still at the learning phase of his life, he doesnt have to succeed yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario F. View Post
    Projects like this go one of four ways:
    - They get very popular and threaten the company returns, and are shutdown;
    - They get very bad and damage the image of the company, and are shutdown;
    - They never get of the "I want to do it" stage. This is the most common;
    And the fourth way is? [sorry my nitpicking-prevention filter is turned off ]

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    I meant to change that to "three ways"

    The reason I put there four ways was because I initially was thinking of those very few projects that go underground. But couldn't remember any if I was later asked of an example.

    EDIT: I'm not sure he's reading this anymore abachler. He's probably already discouraged as is ... or even more bent in showing how wrong we are. Either way is good. I'm hoping however, if he's still reading this, he considers instead creating something new and then, if Sonic is still what he wants to do, use that to sell himself and the team to SEGA.
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