Though there are many good texts for learning C basics I found, as many others have, that pointers cause more problems and are hard to get right. Though it is old, 1997, this is the best book on C pointers I have found: Pointers on C (9780673999863): Kenneth Reek: Books

It has been said that and I paraphrase "giving the average programmer pointers is like giving a kid a gun.

In fact I was working for a major appliance company and the code used pointers to access a very deeply nested set of structures. I had to update this code and had problems getting it working because I assumed what was already there was correct. It turned out that a pointer to the base structure was being used instead of a sub-struct. The pointer worked out to the same address until another struct was inserted. Of course the response was "this code has been working for years". Had to create examples to convince folks that although it worked it was by coincidence.