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    I wasn't sure where to post this question but I hope its appropriate here ...

    If anyone has studied this book...I'm confused on chapter 0.2.2 which mentions compiling (which is fine). Then suddenly mentions a program command cc mysource.c and explains that it's meant to out put a.out? Its not clear what the program is or where its come from? I checked to see if it was on the CD ROM that comes with the book but its not there either?

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    that this is default program name if you do not specify one on the command line is all.

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    Exactly as @userxbw said, "cc" is the name of the default C compiler. In modern linux systems, it's just an alias for gcc or other known compilers. Not many projects use it though, choosing to explicitly declare their desired compiler. Nowadays, it mainly exists for Unix compatibility, a relic of the past...
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